About Us

What makes us different

No disruption to service

We provide cover for both planned and unplanned absenteeism. Not only that, but we will arrange this before 9am on the day, meaning our clients can trust they’ll have continuity of service.

Expert technical support 24/7

Evros is an IT services company with its own 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). Both our managed services team and professional services consultants are based at our NOC. Any of our candidates on client sites can contact the team at any time to get expert support from a technical peer.

Technology expertise

We’re part of a technology company, not a general recruitment agency, so we truly understand both client and candidate needs.

Candidate screening         

Each candidate is screened by a technical specialist to assess their skill set and ensure they are suitably qualified for the job concerned. Not only that, we also conduct cultural screening to ensure the candidate will fit the culture of the client company.

Other ways we help

  • Our resourcing team is fully dedicated to finding suitable candidates and does not conduct business development.
  • We have a bespoke hiring model and can scale up or down, depending on client needs.
  • Clients can avail of our full account management with reporting facility.
  • We streamline the onboarding process and make regular site visits.
  • We offer a highly efficient payroll service, no matter how many hires are involved.  
  • We fully manage leave, sickness, absences and contingencies or replacements.
  • To improve service to our clients, we offer training and upskilling to our candidates.



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