Candidate Testimonials

I was astounded by the care and attention itContracting took in handling my application and was very impressed by the wide range of clients and opportunities they had available. They put no pressure on me and I felt that my interests and goals were their top priority at all times. I have referred other candidates to them, all of whom have received the same professional service.

itContracting has been able to provide continuous work to me for the past five years. When there were gaps between contracts, itContracting was able to give me work in-house, ensuring I had no break in my income. I’ve never had to worry about where my next contract position is coming from. 

I would recommend itContracting to any IT professional, as their service is efficient and friendly. I have a single point of contact for any questions I have and I know for sure I’ll be paid on time every month. They have taken away the stress of contracting, leaving me to concentrate on my work.

Thanks to itContracting and my consultant Sharon for helping me get my new job. Sharon highlighted the fit between my skills and the role, and suggested I apply for the position. She kept me informed regularly throughout the process and, most importantly, Sharon seemed genuinely interested in what was best for me. There was no pressure and she encouraged honest, open communication.

itContracting recently found me a permanent role and my experience could not have been more positive. From the outset, it was clear how well itContracting knew the technical aspects of the role and the client’s concerns, long-term strategy and future growth goals. My new employer only had positive things to say about itContracting, having worked successfully with this particular recruiter for many years. They had mutual respect and understanding of each other’s goals and they really worked together to achieve them.

I cannot recommend itContracting highly enough after they found me a permanent job. It was obvious from the start how technically expert they are compared with a general recruitment agency. They understood technology in a way I’ve not experienced before with recruiters. I really felt confident itContracting understood what I wanted from a role and they were indeed able to match me perfectly to my new career.

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