• Research both the company and the person/panel you are meeting before the interview, the company website and LinkedIn can help with this.
  • Research the Industry the role is in to understand current trends and threats along with any recent media coverage. 
  • Meet your recruiter as they can share their knowledge of the job and client with you.
  • Practice your interview pitch. With every run-through, you’ll gain more confidence in what you are saying and it will be more credible on the day.
  • Find out the format the interview will take. It could be technical, biographical or competency-based. Ensure you are prepared for that format. 
  • Competency-based interviews require specific preparation so find out what competencies are involved.
  • Understand if the role is it a new role or a replacement.  If replacement find out why the role has become vacant. 


  • Your interview with a company starts the moment you step inside their door. Treat everyone you encounter as if they were the decision-maker. 
  • You are the expert on YOU. Be specific about what you have done in your career. Being vague and generalising can give the impression that you’re not confident in your own ability.
  • Talk about you and what you did or achieved, rather than talking about your team or manager. They are not going for the job, you are. 
  • Keep your answers relevant.  Give examples of where you demonstrated a particular skill, it could be how you were able to prioritise your work load under pressure or how you handled a difficult situation
  • Take the opportunity to ask any relevant questions you may have. However it is perfectly acceptable not to have any questions but instead to take this time to summarise why you are the perfect candidate for the role.


  • Leave enough time to arrive 15mins before the Interview start time. 
  • Dress appropriately first impressions last!
  • Stay focused and don’t become over familiar with Interviewer.
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