Client testimonials

As itContracting are first and foremost a technology company, they can provide much more than a standard recruitment service to us. They have first-hand experience of the importance of hiring quality from both a technical and cultural perspective. The quality of candidate they have sent us is testament to this.

itContracting has taken the time to really understand our business and has enabled us to make the best use of our headcount and budgets. Being able to have quality candidates from their Network Operations Centre to backfill for contractor and staff leave has ensured our clients see no service disruption from us. That is invaluable.

We must be confident that our recruitment partner has the flexibility and skills to keep pace with the varied requirements we place on them. Over the past three years, we have continued to develop our relationship with itContracting and we have benefited greatly from the high-calibre candidates they have provided to fill both contract and permanent positions. If candidates are recommended by itContracting, I am confident they are the right fit.

As IT director, I am constantly hiring for technical staff and recently decided to try itContracting. I was overwhelmed by the difference in service compared with other agencies I’ve used, particularly in relation to how much effort itContracting took to ensure my needs were met. The follow-up service has been second-to-none. I never felt they were just trying to fill a role. itContracting felt like a partner and exceeded my expectations in every respect. I will only use itContracting in future for both permanent and contact hires.

I recently had very specific contract needs for IT contractor resources for a high-level project. Other recruiters had not succeeded in finding me suitable candidates. I approached itContracting and they quickly sourced, screened and onboarded an entire technical project team without any interruption or disruption to my IT operation.

The contractors have only good things to say about their experience with itContracting. The regular communication, care and contact they receive assure me that they will be happy and reliable workers. For a prompt, quality service, I would recommend itContracting to any hiring manager who needs a smooth and hassle-free service.

itContracting has been my recruitment partner of choice for many years. They have always taken the trouble to really understand my needs and my business. Recently I had a requirement for a team of five project workers. itContracting put forward seven candidates and I would have hired six of those if the budget allowed. They stand out from the competition and continue to improve their service offering every year. They really are a partner company.

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