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Start building your future today: With Alan O’Connor

Wherever you are in your career path, there’s always a next step.

In this feature, we talk to Senior Technical Recruitment Specialist, Alan O’Connor, who talks a little around his area of expertise as well as how he can help – whatever your career goal.


Name: Alan O’Connor

What is your area of expertise?

I have 9 years’ recruitment experience within agency and in-house settings, specifically across security, sales and engineering. In addition to that, I have two years’ experience as the Recruitment Manager for EMEA. All in all, my experience spans across Europe, Asia and the US which has been incredibly valuable as it has really allowed me to appreciate different ways of working and has also given me knowledge around different industries.


What sort of jobs do you specialise in working with?

With technology so prevalent today, I have experience of working with a real multitude of industries. The main sorts of roles that I deal with include, Software Engineers, Security Engineers/Consultants, Data Analysts/Scientists and Game Developers.


Are these roles common across multiple industries – which ones in particular?

Software Engineers and Security Professionals are essentially needed across all industries that operate online. Data Analysts are also quickly becoming sought after as companies produce huge amounts of data that they leverage to boost their business performance.


What roles are in highest demand right now – why?

I would say Mid-Senior Level Security Consultants – the demand outnumbers the supply right now. Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years and the spend on Cybersecurity has more then trebled over the last 10 years. With this, and the introduction of things like GDPR in Europe, it’s essential business make the necessary changes to protect themselves and customers from these threats. So, that’s why the demand for cyber security specialists is particularly high.


What other, non-technical skills are you looking for?

Someone who is career driven and wants more than just a job. Most IT roles require people who are forward thinking and can adapt well to change as the industry and technologies move forward continuously. Being able to work and contribute as part of a team and cross functionally is also very important.


How can you help people who aren’t looking right now but might want to think about moving in the future?

I can help candidates with market and career advice. The thought of changing jobs can be daunting. As someone who has changed careers completely, I understand the concerns around moving from a stable environment to something new so there is a lot of experience that I can bring to those conversations.


Anything else you would like to add or let candidates know?

I’m always open and free to talk to anyone who is considering a move or who just wants to find out more about potential opportunities on the market, this will always be in strict confidence.


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