Start building your future today: With David White

Wherever you are in your career path, there’s always a next step.

In this feature, we talk to Technical Recruitment Specialist David White, who talks a little around his area of expertise as well as how he can help – whatever your career goal.


Name: David White

What is your area of expertise?

I am a Technology Recruitment Specialist focused on IT security, infrastructure and software development. I’ve been working with itContracting and Evros now for over 4 years, starting from an administration support role, to technical writing/recruitment coordination to eventually full-cycle IT recruitment. I’ve been involved in all processes and phases of recruitment during my time with the company, which brings a lot of benefits to my current role, allowing me to utilise my previous experiences when engaging with candidates and clients. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Italian from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).


What sort of jobs do you specialise in working with?

I focus on three main areas of IT: security, infrastructure and software development. I cover most roles under these categories from junior to senior positions, often with some overlap. I also work any other general IT roles that come in, depending on the particular requirements of our end clients.


Are these roles common across multiple industries – which ones in particular?

These areas of IT are quite common across most industries, I tend to focus more on the financial services and FinTech sectors.


What roles are in highest demand right now – why?

We’re seeing a lot of demand for Software Developers at the moment, covering all areas of full-stack development, with some clients focusing on pure front-end and back-end developer roles as well. It’s very much a candidate short market at the moment, particularly in software development, which means there are plenty of roles available to choose from, so candidates can be more deliberate with what opportunities they want to pursue. They don’t have to go with the first job opportunity or recruiter call they receive, they can shop the market more to find the right role for them.


What other, non-technical skills are you looking for?

Quite often our clients are looking for candidates to have strong soft skills to complement their technical abilities, particularly in the areas of stakeholder engagement and people interaction skills, given that more and more projects nowadays involve both technical and non-technical resources, so the ability to effectively communicate in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood by everyone is very desirable.


How do you engage with contractors, specifically to ensure they can move from project to project?

By speaking honestly and being upfront from the beginning with regards to client projects, and what their specific responsibilities will be. When dealing with permanent employees who are thinking of making the move to contract roles, I make sure to provide all information about making the switch, including both the advantages and disadvantages, so they can make an informed decision, as contracting roles do not suit all personalities. A contractor needs to be independent, self-motivated and proactive in their approach to work.


How can you help people who aren’t looking right now but might want to think about moving in the future?

Give them an overview of the current job market, highlight the market trends we are seeing (i.e. candidate short/rich etc.) and advise on how we see the market going in the near future. This includes a summary of the current vacancies available, and potential opportunities we have in the pipeline based on our clients requirements.


Anything else you would like to add or let candidates know?

If you need anything else let me know!


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