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Came for the Contract, picked for Permanent

Attila Ban, Permanent Senior Implementation Engineer at Comsys, an Evros company

What is your IT background?

I’m currently an Implementation Engineer in a permanent role. I first started in the field over 20 years ago and have worked all over the world, based mainly in Dubai, Hungary and Kuwait. I originally worked as a System Administrator and then I was given the opportunity to work with infrastructure for EMC before moving into the Implementation field. After several years, I left EMC for IBM before I decided to make the move to Ireland.

Why did you choose itContracting?

I wanted to move to Ireland; the culture really appealed to me and I knew there were many major IT head offices located in the country, including EMC. So I left my safe and stable permanent job and decided to make the big move.

A former colleague of mine was hired by itContracting, and there was a need for Implementation Engineers, so I contacted the IT recruitment agency. The position was a contract and it was a perfect match: skills, salary and I was already very happy to relocate to Ireland. The feedback from the team was excellent; they delivered a clear entry point that allowed me to step into the Irish IT industry for the first time, and not alone. I didn’t have the feeling that I was coming to a place I didn’t know, and everyone was very helpful from day one.

What were the circumstances that allowed you to move to permanent?

I was only with itContracting for a brief amount of time, roughly about six weeks before I moved into my permanent role. Originally, it was a three-month contract but with the huge demand in the market now for my skillset, shortly after I arrived in Ireland I was offered another job. But I wanted to stay with Evros because I felt I was part of a strong team.

The company’s priority is experienced people and they’re willing to invest in that talent. They were happy with my work, perhaps because of my experience of working for a large corporation. I guess I brought an extra edge to the team.

Permanent vs Contracting: What do you prefer?

Both areas have different benefits and will appeal to IT professionals in different ways. With contracting, you have the potential to make a lot of money and you can afford the appropriate accommodation and lifestyle. Whereas permanency offers all the benefits: stability, benefits, pension, opportunity to apply for a mortgage etc.

Now, I’m happy to be working in a permanent role. Yet, I would recommend trying out contracting first, especially if you’re moving to Ireland for the first time. It gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings while you settle in. Then you can begin considering your options of moving into permanent when you’ve found the right fit.

Attila Ban

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