how to be happy at work

How To Be Happy At Work (Our Top 10 Tips)

Work. Sleep. Coffee. Repeat.

Sound familiar? Like all things in life, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work. But there are lots of things you can do to help.

And finding the right balance at work is a great way to enhance your daily well-being as well as feel more fulfilled.

So, where to begin? Here are our top 10 tips for feeling happier at work!


10 tips for feeling happier at work

1) Build strong connections

More often than not, you’ll hear people say, it’s not the job that makes you stay – it’s the people. And by building yourself a strong support network, you’re able to create a really enjoyable working environment that gives you the daily lift that you need.

This has been made even harder however due to the current restrictions in place but don’t worry – we’ve written a blog on that too…. How to build good working relationships.


2) Find ways to introduce creativity

Creativity is one of the biggest motivators at work. And although you might not be drawing or writing poetry, there are still lots of ways you can be creative at work.

Ideating as a group is fun and can help you find ways to solve business challenges as well as spark off new and exciting projects.

Surround yourself with inspiration, take regular walks outside, chat with colleagues, brainstorm and change up your schedule – and then let the ideas come to you!


3) Keep up your learning

It’s really important to keep up your learning in pretty much any job – especially when you work in an industry as fast-paced as IT or MedTech.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your career. Learning in general can help you find new ways to think as well as give you that level of variation that you need to keep yourself feeling refreshed and inspired.

You could take up learning an instrument, start a creative writing course, or do a course that’s indirectly related to your job to help you broaden your horizons!


4) Find how you work best

Working in the wrong environment can be really frustrating. And if you’re not getting what you need to be productive, then a good idea is to find out how you work best.

This is even more relevant now that flexible working is looking like the new norm for many businesses. What do you need to be at your best? A quiet corner? Music? A room with a view?

2021 is the perfect opportunity to create a workspace that suits you and helps you to feel more relaxed during the day.


5) Meditate

Many people see meditation as a way to relax – but it’s also a chance to calm your mind so that you can focus properly.

Being able to concentrate properly at work is key for helping you to work steadily and feel less stressed. Try fitting in a few minutes of quiet meditation time before and after work – and even at lunchtimes too! – another benefit of working from home…


6) Get a good night’s rest

Sleep is so important for allowing us to function properly. And getting a proper 8 hours’ rest is vital for helping us recover from both mental and physical exertion.

Lack of sleep can also be linked to a weaker immune system. So, getting a good night’s sleep is really critical for setting you up for a good day at work.


7) Get up early

2020 was a stressful year and our usual routines were turned upside down. However, we’ve had the opportunity to experience a new norm which involves fewer commutes, more time at home and a chance to put ourselves first.

And even though we have no need to rush out the door and jump on the train or in the car, it can still really benefit your day to get up early, just to give yourself that time to ease yourself into the day.

Use the time to head out and take a walk or why not try some morning Yoga?


8) Take regular breaks

It’s a common misconception that the more you work, the more you’ll get done. But human beings don’t work like that. You need to take regular breaks to ensure you don’t get too stressed, too tired or worse still – burnt out.


9) Exercise regularly

Exercise helps to give you energy and also releases endorphins – which inevitably help you feel brighter and happier.

Those who exercise regularly, often report feeling lower during the day when they don’t exercise. And if you enjoy going for a run, it’s also a chance to get out in the sunshine – which can also help you to feel happier.


10) Look for a new role!

If work is truly getting you down and you feel like you need to start afresh, get in touch! We can help you find your next technical role be it in IT, pharma, Medtech, BioSciences, Project Management …and more!


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