how to build good working relationships

How To Build Good Working Relationships (And Keep Them Too)

Every job is more than just what we do.

Whatever your role, it’s always the people who make it. And when you’re able to build those great working relationships, then you’re much more likely to be happy in your job – and stay in it.

It also really helps in times like these, to have a good support network and be surrounded by people who complement your own strengths.

And if you’re new to a role and working from home, building up those connections can be particularly tricky.

Below are our top tips for getting started.


9 Tips For Building Strong, Positive Working Relationships

1) Build Trust

All relationships are built on trust and that includes working relationships too.

And while many of us are working from home, trust is needed more than ever. The good news is, there are lots of ways you can do this.

Start by showing how reliable you are, make sure you get things in when you say you are going to, and keep your manager updated if anything happens.

And of course, always be honest. We’re all human and we all make mistakes so be truthful if something didn’t go quite right.

And finally, go the extra mile where you can, as this will demonstrate your intentions are to do well and that you’re trying.


2) Show Respect

Respect is another important part of having good working relationships. This involves listening to others, appreciating their ideas and thinking before you speak.

And again, if things don’t go right the first time, just be honest – honest, caring communication will take you a long way!


3) Be Open

Everyone wants to make a good impression and do well. But if it feels like you’re always putting on a show, people will see this as fake. It’s important to be open and show some humility when building working relationships so that others have a chance to get to know you.

When you’re open and honest, you have the chance to make strong connections which will stay with you throughout your career.


4) See Things From Different Perspectives

Often in the workplace, you’re so focused on what you’re doing and how you’re performing, it can be difficult to see things from other people’s perspectives. However, this is really important as it will help you adjust and be a better colleague.

Get to know people, see how they are doing and then see if there’s anything you can do to help.


5) Keep Everyone Updated

Frequent communication helps to manage everyone’s expectations. If you say something will be done by the end of the day, but it’s not finished, tell them why and let your boss know what’s going on.


6) Be A Source of Positivity

Never underestimate the power of positivity. People gravitate towards it and it can really impact another person’s day.

Of course, not everyone is happy all the time, but when you are able to create your own happiness, you have the energy to support other people. Focus on self-care and be creative, and your positivity will shine through!


7) Offer Help Where You Can

This one comes with a few caveats – obviously your own workload comes first and there is such a thing as burnout! So, don’t take too much on.

But when you help people, they will always remember it. And it will stand you in good stead for the future. If something comes up that really plays to your strengths, mention it and offer your talents!


8) Remember The Little Things

There can be a lot to even a small gesture. Compassion and kindness are to be treasured, so when you see someone trying to have a positive impact on your working life, always show your appreciation.

Also, if a colleague mentions something about what’s going on in their life right now, it can be a nice way to start a conversation next time you see them. If they are moving house for example or if they just got a new dog, check in with them and show them that what matters to them, matters to you too!


9) Take The Time To Say Thank You

There is always time to say thank you – no matter how big or small the token. It’s also one of the best ways to show you care and that you appreciate someone else’s time and effort so it’s a really important thing to do.


How We Build Good Working Relationships

Building good working relationships is exceptionally important to us. It not only helps us get to know our candidates and clients, but it also helps us going forwards so that we can have a real impact.

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