how to switch off from work this christmas and relax

How To Switch Off From Work This Christmas

2020 has been a challenging year. Many have had to adapt, be it working from home, changing roles, switching from permanent to contract or simply working under all the added stresses that the year has piled on top of everyone.

So, with the Christmas holidays finally here, it’s time to switch off – not just to enjoy a well-earned break, but we need some time to recharge, so that we be ready to face whatever 2021 has in store!

To help, we’ve put together this handy guide for ensuring you get the most out of the holidays.


How to Relax at Christmas

1) Hide the laptop

Now that so many of us are working from home, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of dipping into the work laptop to check emails and keep on top of project updates.

However, this is your time to switch off and if you keep burning yourself out, you won’t have the energy or focus to be able to keep going.

Make sure you return to work feeling fresh and energised by taking a proper break. Put away the work laptop so that it’s out of sight. And if you need to work, make sure you plan in a specific time so that you’re not ‘always on’.


2) Get outside

Technology has reigned supreme this year in helping us connect as well carry on working. However, with everything online at the moment – including both work and social activities – we’re not getting very much time away from our screens.

Getting outside is really beneficial for your mental health as well as simply getting some much-needed fresh air and timeout. It’s also good for helping you sleep and rest your eyes.


3) Take some time for yourself

Taking time out for yourself means actively doing something for yourself – this means you can cross watching TV off the list. You need to invest time into yourself. This could involve pampering, or meditating, going for a run, playing an instrument, drawing – any of these.

By being creative and investing into your own time, you will be able to recharge and feel more relaxed – as well as distract yourself from all the worries that we naturally churn around our brains when trying to relax.


4) Meditate

Meditation is fantastic for helping you focus as well as calm your mind. You don’t need to do it for long to feel the benefits. By just setting aside a few minutes every day, meditation can help you relax as well as improve your concentration.

There are lots of apps to help you get started as well as guide you or simply give you something relaxing to listen to while you focus your mind.


5) Exercise

Exercise is fantastic for helping you to relax as well as improve your mood. It doesn’t need to be a 20km run – by just doing a little every day, you can help yourself feel more energised and ready to take on the day.

There are lots of videos you can follow online including Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, strength training and more. Find something that suits your level and go for it!


6) Enjoy the little things

This year has definitely helped us appreciate the little things. And there’s every reason we should carry on doing this, even after Covid.

Gratitude is a fantastic tool for putting life into perspective and improving our mood. So, embrace what’s on offer and look forward to everything that’s yet to come.


7) Have a lie-in

We all need sleep to rest and recuperate and if you have been manically trying to juggle end of year projects alongside a busy family this December, then you most probably have not been getting enough sleep.

Try and get a few early nights as well as a few lie-ins to help build back your strength for the New Year.


8) Check your emails early

We’ve all been there – the Sunday evening before you head back to work, the laptop goes on and before you know it, you’re feeling stressed and anxious about everything you need to work on the following week.

Break the pattern and instead, try to check your emails early on the Saturday or Sunday morning before you go back. That way, you’re still prepared for the week ahead, but you have enough space in-between to process everything and form a plan of action, so you don’t get stressed.


9) Have something to look forward to

No one likes the first week back after Christmas. But it’s never as bad as you think, you just need to plan a few things in. Christmas is usually full of nice dinners, family time and classic movies. So, make sure you plan in some fun things to do for the New Year, so you have something to look forward to.

It doesn’t have to be major – plan in an online quiz with friends or a takeout with the family. That way, you can reward yourself for getting through the first Monday to Friday of the year.


10) Don’t overdo the New Year’s Resolutions

So many people make the same mistake each year of making too many resolutions. We’ve had enough changes over the course of 2020 without introducing a load more in 2021.

Cut your resolutions list down to a couple and implement them slowly. That way, you have a much better chance of making them a success.

And if finding a new job is one of them – just get in touch. We’ll support you in finding what you need, to help you get to where you want to be in 2021!


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