How We’re Driving the Global Technology Industry

Over the course of 2020, businesses – and people – have changed. And many have had to adapt to the different needs that this has presented across the market.

To find out more about how our own company has developed over the years, we spoke to Associate Director, Tracy Quinlan, and Service Delivery Manager, Carol Crosbie, who also discuss why making human connections and building relationships is so important to us.


Why is relationship building so important here?

“Within my role, which is predominantly a ‘people’ function, relationship building at all levels is critical to how I work. Internal peer relationships are essential for building a strong interlinked Business Unit. As we’re part of the broader Evros group, we have both internal stakeholders and account managers who represent our division when doing business. Their understanding of our unit, and how we can support that cross-sell activity cannot be underestimated,” says Tracy.


For Candidates

“Our career contractors are the lifeblood of our activities in itContracting. Our ability to work with the best IT Talent on the market and facilitating interesting projects and assignments with our enterprise client base is what differentiates us from our competitors. The feedback from our contractors is excellent, with a large number of our contractors working with us over many years and depend on us to find them challenging and rewarding contracts,” says Tracy.

For Employers

“Our client experience also depends on strong relationships and we never take this for granted. Our Senior leadership team is accessible and agile when working on a solution-based service for our clients. Our clients trust us to deliver, and that trust is built through delivery of a prompt reliable service to facilitate their growth,” says Tracy.

For everyone

“As Service Delivery Manager, most of my time is spent interacting with our clients and the IT people we place on client sites, I feel we take a holistic approach to each account, we work with all stakeholders to get the best possible match both technically and culturally to ensure we deliver an excellent level of service. Clear communication is the most important factor in keeping things on the right track once a contractor commences an assignment. It’s crucial that they have the tools required to do their job, that they understand the expectations and know if they are meeting them, through that clear communication any gaps can be highlighted early in the relationship and we can work with both the client and contractor to address them.

As we are an IT company, we’re very mindful of the dynamics of the industry and encourage people and always aim to provide a system to allow them to keep up to date with advancements in their area,” says Carol.


Why is so important to find the right fit – for both candidates and employers? 

“Clients are looking for a resource because they have a problem that needs to be resolved. And candidates ideally want a role in an organisation that allows them to utilise their skills and at the same time stretches them a little, so they are continuously improving.

When considering if a candidate is suitable for a particular role, we always take soft skills into account. For example, in a heavily regulated environment, attention to detail and excellent documentation skills are essential. So, it’s not just technical ability that we focus on, it’s the person as a whole and whether they would make a good fit for a specific organisation,” says Carol.


Do we just work with contractors?

“While the current environment is leaning heavily towards contracting to facilitate a flexible workforce during uncertain times, we operate on both Contract and Permanent Requirements. Previously, permanent employees are now dabbling in contracting and vice versa. There are no hard and fast rules here. Our expertise is to support the candidates’ career journey whether that is deciding to switch their employment status or not. Each requirement is unique, as is the contractor that will ultimately embark on a role.

Our expertise from a technical perspective and our agile approach to supporting the hiring process is what differentiates us and supports our USP,” says Tracy.


What industries are we well-connected with?

“Our clients are varied and range from Government institutions, Enterprise clients and also bleeding edge technology companies who are in need of niche IT talent. Those industries who are working on Digital Transformation can vary from Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, to Agri, right across to Public office digital transformation.

So ultimately, if there’s an IT requirement, we can help with regard to market knowledge and insights, along with realistic market rates, to find the IT Staff to achieve any organisations’ technology goals,” says Tracy.


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Read more about how we started out in our interview with Head of itContracting, Sharon O’Reilly.

And if you are looking for your next role, be it permanent, contract-based or a mixture of both, we have a wide range of positions on our jobs page.


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