is 2021 the year of the contractor

Is 2021 The Year of the Contractor? (What’s Changing and Why)

The balance of contracting versus permanent roles has traditionally fallen in line with the economy. When the economy was doing well, the number of permanent roles increased. And when the economy started to sink again, the number of contracting roles starting to rise.

Up until the pandemic, however, the number of contracting roles was continuing to rise as many saw the benefits in being able to work flexibly. Moreover, contracting roles carry with them other benefits, including a good level of pay as well as plenty of variety and experience while working on different projects.

So, with all the changes that have been impacting the job market since Covid hit, what is the current trend in 2021?


Is contracting the way to go in 2021?

Icon Accounting provides one-stop-shop accountancy and compliance services for independent professional contractors in Ireland.

Over the last 12 months, the firm has reported a steady increase in new enquiries, new contractors and new contracting roles across multiple sectors as more and more people consider it as a career option with the ability to earn more income and achieve a better work life balance.

“We are seeing consistent levels of new Contractors coming on board, with numbers of new starters now exceeding pre-Covid levels. This is an extremely positive result with continued growing confidence in the sector.”

With most now looking to work flexibly both now and in the future, contracting is a great enabler for this. And the team at Icon say that this mindset is long overdue and most likely here to stay, as it brings with it a much better quality of life.

Icon also reported an increased rate across many Tech roles and a surge in demand for experienced Contractors, which they expect to continue.


New to contracting? Here’s what you need to know

Whether you work in IT, pharma, MedTech – or any area requiring technical expertise, we can help.

We have specialist recruitment consultants who are experienced in all of these areas and can help you get to where you need.

So, where’s the best place to start?

“The first step to take is to get in touch with us here at itContracting and speak with one of our Recruitment Consultants, for us to assess your suitability for current/future opportunities across the IT contract market,” says Associate Director Tracy Quinlan.

“Roles move very quickly within the contracting world, so once you’re engaged with us for your next role, our experienced team will take care of the rest.

“We will help you both on the role suitability as well as where you can get further support from accountancy specialists such as Icon Accounting.”



Managing tax is often a concern for many who have never been a contractor before. However, this is something that the team at Icon regularly help people with and they can support you in sorting everything out so that it doesn’t become a headache!


Contracting short-term

This is also a viable option and something that many have turned to – including those who are normally self-employed – simply as a solution during the pandemic.

Umbrella companies, such as Icon, can also act as a limited company for you, so that it’s easy to cross over into contracting whenever you need.

They regularly help new contractors get the information they need to get started and also help them get set up so they’re ready to go in less than a couple of days.


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