Job Application Pre-screening: What Recruiters Will Ask & Why

You have sent your CV in and the recruiter has emailed to let you know you have been successful in your application. The beginning of most interview processes will start with application pre-screening.


itContracting’s Chris Byrne examines what is involved in pre-screening a job application and the questions that might get asked during your initial chat with the recruiter:

Pre-screening: An Introduction

Pre-screening is an important step, as we have a responsibility to the candidate to find a suitable job. However, we also have a responsibility to our client to put forward applicants who match their specific requirements.

When you upload your CV on the itContracting website for the first time, there is usually some additional information that we require identifying the right IT role or contract for you.

This is simply to gather more information to assess your ability and build out your profile. However, we might have other vacancies that might suit you better. Likewise, if you are a contractor, we could have future vacancies ready for you down the line.

What Happens During Pre-screening?

If you have been successful short-listing for the vacancy, we will usually arrange a pre-screen phone call with you to discuss your skills and experience further.

To help us assess your suitability, we will ask a mix of technical and non-technical questions. These questions will help to make the process go much quicker and smoother. As this blog is universally about pre-screening, here is a list of non-technical and general questions specific to the job that we often ask:

Non-Technical Questions:

  • Are you looking for a permanent or contract position?
  • Where would you like to work? E.g. Dublin City, North Dublin, Cork, Anywhere in Ireland, UK, EU.
  • What is your availability or notice period to take up a new position should you be offered one?
  • Why are you looking to move now?
  • If selected for an interview, how much notice would you need to arrange it? Are you available to interview soon?
  • What is your expected Salary or Daily rate? What would you expect to earn?

General Questions Specific to the Job or Contract:

  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • What technical skills do you have that make you suitable for the IT role?
  •  Do you know what your ideal next position would be?
  • Which of these skills are your strongest?
  • What technical requirements are you missing (this question would be specific to a particular vacancy)?
  • Do you have relevant Education or Qualifications for this IT role or contract?

These questions are very helpful in determining if you would be interested in or are a suitable match for a specific position.

What Happens Next?

 We review this information along with your CV and other information carefully. If everything lines up, we will then move to put you forward to our client for a vacancy.

Occasionally we may arrange an additional follow-on call to gather information more specific about to your skills or experience in relation to the requirement of a position. We are open and honest at itContracting and if we feel that you do not match requirements, we will tell you and give you the opportunity to convince us otherwise.

What Happens With Your Information?

The protection of your collected data is of the utmost importance to itContracting. If you apply to an IT role and share your CV or other personal information with itContracting, these details will be held by us under our privacy policy, and will be only used by our recruitment team to contact you regarding this or other relevant opportunities. We do not share this information with other third-party providers and we work in accordance with the highest GDPR standards.

Our team of senior IT recruiters will match you with the right IT job opportunity. Browse our IT job vacancies, or talk to our team today.  


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