New team member at itContracting: Jonathan Power

Meet Our New Team Member at itContracting: Jonathan Power

This week, we welcome the latest addition to itContracting, Jonathan Power. After letting him get settled in, we got to know our new team member. Here’s what Jonathan will bring to the team: 

Jonathan’s Background:

Previously, I worked in Business Development and worked for the Head of Recruitment and Admissions in a German University, EBS Business School in Wiesbaden. At EBS, they tasked me with recruitment & admissions of international students and also the business development of the Business School within the EMEA and APAC region.

On a daily basis, I was involved in planning and the structuring of events and networking opportunities to recruit new students. I had a lot of experience with the career aspirations and development of the students who I would have been in direct contact with. This includes working with the student to find the best suitable avenue of approach for their career, assisting them with networking and development and also through direct relationships with professionals and companies within my network.

Through my already developed relationships with the likes of Air Bus, BMW, Morgan Stanley and Opel, I could offer students the opportunity to work within these companies.

Then I was recruited to New York for a company called Firsthand to develop a mentorship platform which would best match graduate students to companies. I saw graduates going for positions but they did not understand the company or role.

This platform allowed the company to pre-screen candidates, but more importantly, it allowed the candidates to find the right fit with good context about the various companies, and the opportunity to develop their network connections. Plus, it offered exposure to CV feedback and mock interviews.

The Most Important Aspect to Recruitment:

I always ask companies: ‘What’s your screening process?’ The cultural fit is very important, you can have the best IT professional in the world but they might not fit the work space. I always ask myself, ‘Will my candidates thrive in this environment?’ I find it beneficial to understand my candidate’s needs and aspirationsA start-up is a very different environment to a well-established multi-national corporation. Each work environment offers different challenges and styles.   

I’ll be putting my recruitment development skills back into action, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of further building on what itContracting has established, developing stronger relationships between our candidates and our customer looking for the right IT talent.

Interesting Fact about Jonathan:

I have spent over 20 years as a serving Officer in the 3rd Infantry BN in Ireland. I was 17 when I joined as a Private and moved quickly through the ranks to Corporal by 19, and then Sergeant, until I reached Officer Rank at the young age of 23; a feat unheard of at the time. I learned and developed in the roles of Management, Problem Solving, Conflict Handling, Negotiation, Corporate Relations, Logistics and Planning, which given me the confidence and qualities to lead, develop and succeed in the business world. I don’t believe I would’ve developed so much without my Army Reserve experience. When I’m not developing new business or client relationships, I can be found immersed in the countryside or coastlines as I am also an avid landscape and aerial photographer.

If you’re interested in speaking with Jonathan, why not drop him an email today? In the meantime, stop by our Jobs Page to see itContracting’s latest career opportunities in both permanent and contracting roles.


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