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2022 Recruitment trends

Our partners at Bullhorn have captured industry priorities and challenges following their Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID), which have outlined some interesting changes to our Marketplace transitioning from COVID and dealing with the challenges thereafter. Over 4,000 recruitment professionals contributed to the piece, giving a ‘feet on the ground’ overview of our industry.

Key findings:

  • Three out of five recruitment professionals reported YoY revenue gains in 2021
  • Digital Transformation adoption grown 236% since 2019
  • Winning new clients, not a staffing priority for the first time ever!


IT Recruitment trends

Within the IT and specifically contracting market (relevant for us within itContracting), firms are cautiously optimistic, however lots has changed. Increased talent shortage (particularly within IT) has re-prioritised candidate attraction, ahead of client acquisition. While adopting digital transformation to focus on candidate engagement has become the main focus.

For the first time in a decade, client needs are cited as not within the top-three priorities. This is a notable change within how we operate as recruiters, and where focus needs to adapt, as to how we do business. Many of our valued clients have adapted accordingly and are securing much of the top talent on the market by adjusting their process, timely response to candidate submissions and a smooth concise selection/interview and decision making.


Recruitment challenges

Top Challenges outlined on the GRID report? Throughout 2020/2021, Covid-19 proved the biggest obstacle for both employers and recruiters. However interestingly in 2022, this obstacle has been moved to 2nd place (41%), with Talent Shortage taking the top spot (46%)

It has now become the singular focus for organisations dealing with the ‘Great Resignation’, to backfill their moving staff, and also to drive growth within their operations.

Contracting (particularly within IT) has experienced a surge, while employers struggle to navigate this new environment. Allowing the flexibility of project delivery while continuing to support BAU, to employ contractors has never been more critical.


Have you amended your talent strategy accordingly?

As employers, have you amended your talent strategy for 2022 and 2023? If you want to have a discussion with us as to how we can support your needs, please get in touch.



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