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Start building your future today: With Chris Byrne

Wherever you are in your career path, there’s always a next step.

In this feature, we talk to Technical Recruitment Specialist, Chris Byrne, who talks a little around his area of expertise as well as how he can help – whatever your career goal.


Name: Chris Byrne

Area of expertise and a bit about your background: IT Infrastructure.

I have worked a lot of the jobs that I am now recruiting for. I started my career in 1995 with Digital (Dec) which then became part of Compaq. I provided technical support for Microsoft on Windows 95, Windows NT and other products as well as supporting Microsoft employees and contractors directly. I was the Technical Team Lead there for a few years before I started with Evros in 2000.

With Evros, I had a number of roles including Field Service Engineer, IT Onsite Engineer, System Administrator and Service Desk Manager. With the demand for contractors starting to take off from 2008 onwards I transitioned gradually away from my Service Desk Manager role into Contract recruitment and then Permanent recruitment for Evros and was the first Recruiter in the then new itContracting division in 2011.


What sort of jobs do you specialise in working with?

IT Infrastructure Architects/Consultants, System Administrators, Network Specialists, IT Support, and Engineers with specialist technologies such as Citrix for Example.


Are these roles common across multiple industries – which ones in particular?

Yes, they are common across all enterprise level industries. For example, Pharma, Manufacturing, Finance/Banking, Government, IT and more.


What roles are in highest demand right now – why?

Infrastructure Architects/Consultants/Specialists, System Administrators, Network Specialists, IT Support, and specialist roles.


What other, non-technical skills are you looking for?

I would say I am looking for people who are dedicated, dynamic, team oriented, loyal, focused and organised. These are really important traits – whatever your role.


How do you engage with contractors, specifically to ensure they can move from project to project?

Regular contact with contractors is critical. Also liaising with our Service Delivery Manager as contracts are approaching conclusion. If you are a contractor working for us currently but looking for a change of site for your next contract, we always advise you to contact us well before the end of the contract so we can work with you to ensure that we have another contract ready to go on completion of your current one.


How can you help people who aren’t looking right now but might want to think about moving in the future?

Usually passive candidates would contact me for advice on training and certification, market trends and also advice on what technologies they should be focusing on.


Anything else you would like to add or let candidates know?

Our IT Jobs are constantly changing and evolving. It is important to stay on top of your training and certifications. This is what may give you an edge over another candidate with similar experience.


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