‘The Low-Code App Revolution’: Key Event Takeaways

What a treat we had on Tuesday evening at Dogpatch Labs, with some Tech Insights from our Evros Power Platform Team!

In the cavernous basement of the Dogpatch Labs building, itContracting (part of the Evros Technology Group), invited a varied audience of Tech professionals, industry colleagues and existing IT contractors with an appetite to learn more about the sheer power and simplicity of digital progress… with a welcoming Pizza/Beer registration.

itContracting Associate Director Tracy Quinlan introduced Evros Business Solutions Director, Paul Gilbride and his team to provide a real-time demonstration of the Revolutionary low-code and Power BI platforms. Thoroughly engaging a tech audience by building a ‘live’ app, not only using low-code, but also by integrating some AI technology to demonstrate the valuable addition of Power BI to bring it to life.

Evros currently holds Gold Partner status with Microsoft, and is officially Ireland’s No.1 Microsoft Power Platform Partner, dedicated to delivering low-cost low-code Enterprise App solutions to existing and future clients of both organisations reducing development costs and provide cutting edge solutions to extensively complex commercial environments.

ItContracting also invited Jimmy Sheehan of Contracting PLUS, to briefly update the audience around the benefits of choosing a Contracting route for IT professionals. Lots of Q&A ensued around Tax Benefits, various Tax Status developments and general laws pertinent to this market.

Given the emergence of PowerBI and low-code to our industry, many companies are ‘trialing’ various aspects of their operations which is resulting in Project-Based employment for Programming professionals to consider.

This event demonstrated the technology, while offering the information around contracting while also introducing the audience to the recruitment team at itContracting who are working closely with Evros and our client partners to help source talent to undertake these Technology-Defining positions.

To find out more, contact the team at itContracting if you want to join The Low-Code App Revolution!!

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