itContracting Recruitment Series with Tom Leonard: Counter offering

In this week’s video instalment,  itContracting‘s Senior IT Recruiter Tom Leonard navigates the subject matter of counter offering.

To many in the IT industry, the counter offer is nothing new. When an employer is informed that an employee is leaving, it’s normal to see a counter offer appear on the table. A promise of a promotion, a title change or even new projects often appear as a means of enticing the IT professional to remain at their current company.

“Counter offering is becoming more and more common in the IT industry, mainly due to the current skill shortage, which has allowed IT professionals the freedom to move freely around the IT market.” says Tom.

“Yet counter offering can be challenging for both you and the employer. It can make you question your motives for moving, and place doubts around your future career aspirations.”

‘Should I stay or should I go?’

What are the key areas you need to explore around a counter offer?

Is taking the counter offer the right choice? Have you explored the reason why you were counter offered? These are just some of the many questions you need to ask yourself when faced with a counter offer.

Luckily, our Senior IT recruiter Tom Leonard explores the various aspects of counter offers in his latest vlog, which will hopefully help you in your decision.

Want to know whether your counter-offer is worth taking? Watch the ‘itContracting Recruitment Series with Tom Leonard: Counter offering’ below for more:

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