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What’s it like working at itContracting?

Since itContracting was established in 2010, we have created prosperity across the technology sector, positioning the best temporary, contract and permanent candidates within the brightest companies.

And we attribute this to two main factors: Firstly, our position as an IT company that knows recruitment rather than a recruitment company trying to understand IT.

And secondly, our people. As a team, we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen, as well as having a culture of being kind and genuine to each other. Not just internally, but with everyone we interact with.

So, lockdown or no lockdown, what’s it truly like to work at itContracting?

We spoke to the team including some of our newest and most experienced Recruitment Consultants to find out what they love about working here the most.


Hear it from our Recruitment Specialists

Pharma and MedTech specialists

Paola De Ambrosis is a Medtech and Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialist. Originally from Italy, Paola is trilingual, with fluent Italian, English and French all under her belt. Until fairly recently, Paola has been managing full-cycle recruitment processes both in Italy and across Europe.

After joining the team in lockdown, we wanted to find out what her experience was like of moving into a new company while working remotely, especially having moved countries!

“I joined itContracting team as Recruitment Consultant for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices sectors in October 2020 and, a few days after I started, the Country went straight back into lockdown, so it’s been quite a challenging experience considering the situation,” says Paola.

“However, I never felt like I was left alone in this, there was always Tracy, Sharon or Carol, or someone in the team at hand for each step of the induction. I had (and still have now) a buddy colleague – Chris, who is very patient, empathic and open to share his advice on technologies, on best practices and other general tips. We also have regular catch up calls on a daily basis with my manager and an informal weekly catch up with the team as a regular get-together.”

Jack Cremin joined at a similar time to Paola and is also a MedTech and Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialist.

Originally from Cork, Jack graduated from NUIG in 2014 with a BSc. (Hon) in Pharmacology and has in-depth knowledge of a variety of niche roles across Pharma, MedTech and IT.

“Everyone has been really friendly and when I first started, the team all reached out to introduce themselves to me which was great,” says Jack.

“We then had some training sessions together and I was set up with all the necessary equipment for working from home,” he says.

Paola continues: “The one thing that’s really stuck out for me is the company culture. Everyone here is really open and supportive and I feel like I’ve known them my whole life!”


Technology and IT

Alan O’Connor is our Senior Technical Recruitment Consultant. He also joined the team during lockdown.

We asked him what it was like joining the team while in the midst of a pandemic.

“The onboarding for me was excellent,” says Alan. “I had all my equipment ready to start nearly a week in advance.

“Everybody has been so supportive. From management down to the team and wider business. Any IT/set up issues were looked after very quickly, and my training, induction etc. has been really smooth so far.”

Part of the Evros Technology Group, itContracting is embedded in a much wider technical space and as a business our focus is to support our customers in digital transformation. And this is something that our Consultants leverage in a variety of ways on a daily basis.

“This in particular has stood out for me,” continues Alan. “It’s not just about itContracting but the Evros Group as a whole. The leadership here has real direction and there are a lot of good processes in place. It’s an easy environment to transition to.”

One of our more seasoned Recruitment Consultants, David White, talks about the team from a longstanding perspective:

“I love interacting with candidates and providing an excellent overall candidate experience throughout the recruitment process from start to finish. For me, my greatest strengths are communicating and empathising with my candidates, and I love being able to incorporate that into my job on a daily basis,” says David.

“ITC is made up of fantastic employees that all bring something different to the company, and that collective subject matter expertise across all areas of the organisation is what enables us to provide a unique candidate experience and is also what separates us from our competitors,” he says.


Are you our next Recruitment Specialist?

Associate Director of itContracting, Tracy Quinlan is responsible for our growing team of experienced IT recruitment consultants. Tracy has significant experience working within the recruitment industry and talks more specifically about how itContracting differs from your average technical recruitment company.

“Our message is simple: we are an IT company providing resourcing solutions. This means, from both a client’s and a candidate’s perspective, we have the ability to form a deep understanding of their technical needs so we can give them what they need,” she says.

“Within our team at itContracting, we have various opportunities to grow your IT Recruitment career. We offer 180/360 and also facilitate ambitious professionals to take ownership on specific verticals.  Our market is predominately Contract, while also offering Permanent Recruitment solutions to our extensive client base.

“We have onboarded a number of consultants since the initial lockdown in March 2020. These consultants have blended seamlessly into our existing team and bring various elements which add to our division.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know them (albeit Virtually!) and will continue to grow our team into the future, to service our marketplace,” she says.


Do you have a significant niche within IT and want to expand your portfolio, we’d love to speak to you!

We’re currently looking for Technical Recruitment Specialists to join our team! If you are interested in applying or want to know more, just email Tracy Quinlan directly at:

Or find out more and apply here.