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What to Wear During Your IT Interview

“Should I dress formally for my IT interview?” The answer will always be an implicit ‘YES!’

But before you go out and buy a full suit for your IT interview, professional formal wear includes a clean, crisp shirt or blouse, and a smart skirt or trousers. Match with a smart pair of shoes and you have a decent formal interview outfit.

What if the company encourages a casual dress-code?

It doesn’t matter, you’re trying to attempt to put your best foot forward for your dream IT position, allowing yourself every advantage towards the job.

“By dressing up, you are demonstrating to a potential employer that you are taking the interview very seriously and showing them how you will present yourself to their customers or stakeholders,” advises Senior IT Recruiter Chris Byrne.

Making an effort with your outfit when initially meeting your recruiter also has its perks.

“By dressing up to meet a technical recruiter you are showing them how you will present yourself to their client and they will be much more confident when presenting and submitting you to them. You should always treat any interview as a formal interview – unless you are specifically requested not to,” Chris adds.

Here are some guidelines on how to dress for your IT job interview:

  • Never be too casually dressed, even if the company seems to be accepting of it.
  • Find out a little about the company and its work culture before picking your outfit for the job interview: If it’s a more corporate environment, lean towards the higher scale of formal wear. If it’s a successful start-up or young firm, maybe don’t wear the blazer or suit jacket, and opt for the blouse/shirt ensemble.
  • But to be on the safe side, always pick formal or semi-formal attire for your interview.
  • Dress preferably in darker colours, and if you want to include some colour, stick to the pastel or neutral block colours.
  • Avoid garish tie patterns, ‘fun’ shirt designs and any bright makeup. Your qualifications and presence should be memorable, not your outfit.
  • Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts and shorts. Do not wear any form of running shoe. A smart pair of loafers, high heels (only if you can walk in them), ballerina flats or leather suit shoes are just a few ideas of appropriate formal shoe wear.
  • All your clothes should be clean and neatly ironed. Your shoes should be clean and well-polished. And don’t undo all your hard grooming efforts; make sure that your shirt is tucked into your pants.
  • Let’s talk hygiene; a morning shower is just a necessity. Your hair should be clean and neat and for the men, preferably be clean-shaven. Otherwise tame your beard with a trim.


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