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Why come to us? (Not Just Another Recruitment Agency)

“We don’t just understand IT, we live it.”

Part of the Evros Technology Group, we are technology specialists.

We’re innovative, we build software, transform infrastructure, provide backup and security services, and simply help businesses work in the best way possible.

We’re experts in what we do, and we know the roles we advertise better than anyone.

We also work with a wide range of industries including IT, pharma, finance and more.

And if you’re currently looking for a role or need to hire quality professionals, take a look below and discover more about how we work, our ethos and what we can do for you.


How we help candidates

We know the market

Many of the biggest companies in the world have chosen Ireland as their home, and with Brexit in the pipeline, it won’t be long before Ireland is the only native English-speaking country in the EU.

We have years of first-hand experience working with major global businesses, including pharma and tech companies, and this has granted us detailed insight into how these companies operate. We understand many of the more niche roles and we have excellent knowledge of their internal processes, regulations and needs.


We care

Our company is built on decades of hiring hardworking people who are both genuine and kind. We care for each other on a daily basis and our care and integrity are extended in our everyday conversations, actions and decisions.

Our aim is not to fill slots. Our aim is to understand – understand the roles, understand each company’s culture and get to know the people we are working with on both sides. This way, each fit is organic, allowing each placement to thrive naturally in their new environment.


We build long lasting relationships

When working in the technology sector, learning is key. And we understand that the right job for you today will not necessarily be the right job for you in the future.

In building strong relationships with our candidates, we can be successful in supporting them throughout their career.  We also give them guidance on how they can develop along the way as well as help them work towards their career goals.


We give you security

Wherever your placement, you will always be able to speak to us so we can help you manage your position and any aspects which you might be worried about.

We will also help you work towards your next contract while still in work, so that you can move from one project to another seamlessly.

Finally, as Ireland’s leading technology specialists, we also have the capability to take you on in-house – either permanently or as a stopgap while you wait for your next project to start.


How we help employers

We give you quality

We take the time to understand your needs and who you’re looking for. By only working with quality candidates, we only put forward experienced professionals forward who we have personally vetted and interviewed by our technology recruitment specialists.


We’re agile

We have a database of 30,000 vetted professionals allowing us to ensure we meet your business needs, whatever the timescale.

By having already built strong relationships with our candidates, we can work quickly in getting you the right candidates in a short time frame.


We give you direct access to our management team

There aren’t many who know the recruitment industry better than our directors. By working with us, you will be given direct access to our management team who can help guide your hiring process as well as give you the right professionals to help move your business forwards.


Finding the right cultural fit is paramount

Having the right skills doesn’t necessarily mean a candidate is a perfect fit. Our focus is to understand the way you work best so that we can find the right cultural fit for your team.

By working in this way, candidates naturally build positive working relationships with those around them and feel empowered to be creative as well as drive higher value for your business.


We give you the support and communication you need

Whether you’re a candidate or an employer, our focus is quality. And we build relationships not just because we genuinely care, but because we believe this is how we can give you the best experience now – and in the future.

We’ve built our business from the ground up and our heritage is technology.


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