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Why The Best Time To Look For A Job Is Now

New Year’s Resolutions – either you love them, or you don’t.

But regardless of your stance on this long-held tradition, the New Year brings with it an opportunity to reflect and change the things we’re not happy with.

Perhaps you’re looking to get fit, drink less coffee, drink more coffee or learn a new language – or maybe you’d like to start looking for a new job.

And if you are thinking about changing roles soon, here are some tips on securing your dream job as well as why it’s one of the best times of the year to look.


Is January a good time to look for a new job?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is the same as when considering whether sky blue tiles would match your bathroom suite or not – it really depends. If you just started a new job in December for example, then no, it probably isn’t the best time to start moving positions.

However, if you have been in the same role for a while and you feel it’s time to progress or that you’re not fulfilling your potential, then January holds a lot in store.

It’s not only when annual budgets are being drawn up, but just like when deciding on whether to curtail a minor biscuit addiction come the New Year, many businesses are also looking to set their own goals.

This means deciding on what resources they need and what projects to go ahead with.

It’s also the time when there’s the most competition for jobs but don’t let this put you off. It’s a great time to seize the opportunities that are out there. And if you don’t quite make it to your dream job this month – then you’ll at least get some idea as to what you need to do to get there.


What if I’m not ready to look just yet?

Just because January is a good time of year to look, doesn’t mean the rest of the year is a bad. Businesses grow and adapt throughout the year and there’s no telling when the perfect job might appear.

And because we’re experiencing so many changes right now with the pandemic still influencing how we work, it’s always worth expecting the unexpected!


How to Prepare

One of the main reasons for people to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions is because they try and do too much at once.

And it’s the same with looking for a new job. Updating your CV isn’t always a case of just adding a few sentences here and there. For many, it’s about reviewing your career and then researching where it is that you want to go as well as what you need to get there. This, in itself, can be a real minefield and requires asking yourself quite a lot of tough questions.

So, let’s break it down:


What are your strengths?

Not so much ‘how many Pringles can I fit into my mouth in one go?’ but more, what do I bring to the table that’s really different. There will be many people out there with similar qualifications, but no one person has the same set of attributes to go alongside these.

Are you an ideas person? Are you creative? Perhaps you’re particularly passionate about a specific solution or you’re really good with people. These will help you decide what type of roles to aim for.

If you’re not comfortable making quick decisions and delegating tasks, for example, managerial type positions might not be right for you.

Many employers also make cultural fit a priority as well. And remember that soft skills such as being solutions driven or being able to upsell, are just as important as having the right experience and qualifications.

So, look at your strengths and match the type of roles that suit your personality and the things you’re passionate about.



Looking at the jobs pages is a great way to get some inspiration. Not only does it tell you what sort of roles are in need right now, but it also tells you what qualifications and experience are expected from those applying for these roles.

So, if you see something you like the look of – even if it’s not something you feel you can currently apply for – you can make a note of what you need to do to get there.


Update your qualifications

Keeping your knowledge up to date and maintaining your qualifications is integral to any role – but is especially vital for those working in IT and the biosciences.

So even if you’re not looking for a role right now, it’s still important to stay on top of things both for the present – and the future.


Practise interview questions

Interviews aren’t something many of us do very often – but they’re important to get right. So, getting some practice in can never hurt. This can be in the form of simply preparing your answers to some commonly asked interview questions. Or practising in front of the mirror, or with a trusted friend.

And when you can, try to get feedback from any successful interviews in real life, to see how you can improve.


Update your social media accounts

Many people don’t realise how important social media is. Even if you don’t post very much, your presence still matters. So, it’s important that all your accounts reflect your best sides and look professional.

Moreover, you should make sure that your descriptions are up to date and also include the right skills for your current role.


Think about your career ahead

All too often we can end up focused on the next step rather than the ultimate goal. So it’s worth keeping in mind where you eventually want to end up so you can start to work your way towards it – a little like keeping your eye on the dessert menu while pretending to choose a starter.

Combining your experience is also really valuable. So, even if you have a background in IT, for example, you might want to build on your experience to move towards a MedTech role.

This is a really valuable thing to do and will help you stand out. It’ll also help ensure you keep learning and progressing – which is never a bad thing!


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