Welcome to the itContracting family

Searching for your next professional quest? Or perhaps you wish to further upskill your IT training? itContracting is home to like-minded IT professionals on the cusp of their next IT challenge. We’re an IT company that understands recruitment, not a recruitment company trying to understand IT.

The right IT path

Our deep understanding of the IT industry and your range of skill set will pin-point the exact IT fit for you. itContracting’s dedicated team streamlines the onboarding process and offers full on-site support, ongoing training and prompt payment to all our candidates.

Top technology partners

As a technology company, we have strong partnerships and direct access to technology market leaders. This means we can offer you a gateway to top multi-national corporations, global giants, SMEs and everything in between.

24/7 Peer support

itContracting doesn’t expect you to know everything. Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre provides you with access to technical experts, if you need advice or need to talk through a technical issue.

Our Happy Candidates at itContracting

“I know that I said ‘thank you’ several times for your precious help, but I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support and mediation during the process. It was very important for me to get a job in my area after my arrival in Ireland. I studied a lot this year to reach this aim and you made it possible.”

“Working with itContracting provides a unique opportunity to be part of a wider technology team. The support services for contractors are exceptional, and the contract opportunities are high calibre and very diverse. I’d be happy to recommend itContracting to anyone seeking a new opportunity.”

“The team was really helpful from day one. As well as receiving help and support on how to improve and tailor my CV, I also got help before the interview with what to expect.
Communications were regular and clear and the team showed exceptional technical insight into my role.
I would definitely recommend itcontracting to anyone looking for a technical role.”

“I’ve just arrived! I started my position one week ago, I’m from Barcelona and this was a huge step in my career. The team at itContracting were so lovely, they were really helpful with the general logistics of moving to a new country.”

“I’m surprised at how quickly itContracting pays! Their time-tracking processes are good and any query has been responded to within hours, so they’re very responsive and very organised resulting in a very satisfactory contract. I couldn’t be any happier.”

“The experience with itContracting has always been straight to the point; the team are caring and always on time, I’ve been with them since 2013 and I just wish that I met them earlier. It’s the right fit for me, this is the work community I want to be part of.”

“From a contractor’s point of view, itContracting is incredibly professional and there’s a good time-recording facility. Also, I had a family bereavement and had to leave work immediately, and Yvonne was very considerate and kind.”

“itContracting has been instrumental in providing me with fantastic contracts over the last four years. I am now in my third contract which I find excellent, and I fully intend to continue my technology career through itContracting.”

“From the initial contact with my recruiter Tom Leonard, who truly understood my skillset and what was the best fit for me in terms of roles and employers, to being looked after throughout the contract process by Carol and the team, itContracting has been brilliant to work with.”

“I’ve been working with itContracting for two years and not only have they helped me find the role I really wanted, they continue to place the best people into my team.  Their ability to source the best quality people in my team make the recruitment process a dream.”

Is someone you know seeking a new IT role?

Direct their CV and your reference name to itContracting. If they’re successful, you get *rewarded. Win-win!

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