The following Terms & Conditions apply to the itContracting “Refer a Friend” Incentive:

  • The person making the referral is hereinafter called the “Referrer”
  • The person who’s CV is referred is hereinafter called the “Candidate”
  • The Referrer must ensure that they obtain the permission of the Candidate they are referring before submitting their details, this is in accordance with Data Protection legislation. itContracting will not be held responsible for any loss or claim as a result of the Referrer’s submittal
  • A €250 One4All gift voucher will be given to the Referrer once the Candidate has been placed in a new role and successfully completed 3 months in that role for both temporary/contract or permanent placement positions
  • The Referrer will not be eligible to receive the referral voucher under this scheme in the event that the referred Candidate is already on the itContracting database at the date of referral or if itContracting have already received the Candidate’s details from another source but not yet entered them on to their database
  • In the event that a Candidate is referred to itContracting by more than one Referrer, only the first person to refer the Candidate to itContracting (with the Candidate’s permission) will be eligible for the referral voucher
  • Multiple referrals can be made by the Referrer
  • Cash alternatives are not available, once the voucher is issued by itContracting it is the responsibility of the Referrer
  • In the event of any dispute regarding these Terms & Conditions, the rules of this scheme, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the scheme, the decision of itContracting shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into